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Introduction is a business news portal covering advertising, marketing and media domain. Launched in October 2009, it has become the fastest growing portal in its space.

Corporate Identity

~ Our New Logo, unveiled on 23rd August 2010 ~

Objective: As it is said, “Everything that we do, if thought through well or has an idea, is always remembered and makes a better impact”, so here is why we brought the new corporate identity in the form of new logo.

Credit: Corporate Identity – The new logo has been designed by Taproot India’s Santosh Padhi, one of the world’s finest creative minds.

Creative: Fitting into the nature of our business, the logo has got a character and identity which can be extended to make it bigger every time.

Creative Idea: Journalism is nothing but about interesting facts and stories, that lead to another story and the chain goes on… We are in an industry that never stops, though there is an end but that point is temporary, as next day/time we add more to it and the life goes on.

The Logo: Hence, our logo is a comma which is made out of several full stops, and we see a big comma to indicate that there is always more…


Based out of Delhi and Mumbai, we have a team of dedicated professionals working in Editorial, Marketing, Sales and PR functions. We have more than 64,000 registered subscribers with us who receive our daily newsletter and our clients’ emailer campaigns on weekdays. Through newsletters and eDMs, we have made our successful reach up to almost all the media, marketing and advertisement professionals.

Our Team

Niraj Sharma, Founder & Director.
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Kalyan Kar, Editor-in-Chief.
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Shanta Saikia, Executive Editor. + 91 9810401119
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Jagadeesh Krishnamurthy, Chief of Bureau, Mumbai. +91 8879037711
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Sarmistha Neogy, Principal Correspondent, Mumbai.
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Akansha Srivastava, Correspondent, Mumbai.
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Aahiri Ghosh Dastidar, Correspondent, Delhi. 
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Shipra Sharma, Content Editor 
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Tejal Kantharia, Regional Manager – Sales. +91 9811868682
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