STAR Plus launches Sajda:  Tere Pyar Mein on Valentine’s Day

The new love story replaces Navya taking 10 pm slot from Monday to Friday

BestMediaInfo Bureau | Delhi | February 13, 2012

Star Plus is coming up with a new fiction show based on the love story on this Valentine’s day Sajda: Tere Pyar Mein. The show will replace Navya and will take 10 PM slot from Monday to Friday.

Sajda: Tere Pyar Mein will showcase a compassionate love story of Aaliya, a young girl who comes to a cross road where she has to choose between her love and her duties… What will she give up? What would you do if you were in her shoes?  `Sajda: Tere Pyar Mein’, which will debut on STAR Plus this Valentine’s Day, follows Aaliya’s story as she faces the trials and tribulations of sacrificing her love to accomplish her duties.

Debolina Chaterjiee plays Aaliya, a young, college student, who comes from a modern Muslim family. At an age of aimlessness, she finds purpose and reason in life through love. Sajda: Tere Pyar Mein will showcase her journey as she transforms from a carefree girl to a mature young woman who shows immense strength and bravely faces situations she could never have dreamt of. Her love interest, Ranveer’s character is played by Shaleen Bhanot. He is a RAW (Research & Analysis Wing) agent, who belongs to India’s external intelligence agency.

Their tryst blossoms into love and Aaliya soon finds herself sacrificing everything in her life for Ranveer’s sake. Will she give up her duties and responsibilities to follow her heart? Ravi Ojha productions comprising the known TV producers Ravi Ojha and Zama Habib will be producing the show.

Nitin Vaidya, Business Head Fiction Shows, Star India, says, “Our shows capture emotions by thinking radically, by creating a situation we otherwise don’t face in our daily lives. Entertainment is key and the new twist as in this radical new show makes it electric, the quality that characterizes STAR.”


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