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Disney+ Hotstar launches handbook for OTT advertising

The handbook developed in collaboration with Kantar, Neurons, Integral Ad Science, Mediasmart, and Metrix Lab shares learnings derived from the analysis of over 200+ campaigns on Disney+ Hotstar

Disney+ Hotstar has launched a handbook for effective brand building on the platform.

Titled Winning in the OTT Era with Disney+ Hotstar, the handbook shares learnings based on the analysis of over 200+ campaigns and offers a 360° view of why marketers must include OTT in their marketing strategy.

The playbook has been developed in collaboration with industry experts Kantar, Neurons, Integral Ad Science, Mediasmart and Metrix Lab. 

The playbook shares key media planning principles along with creative best practices for video ads to enable advertisers to make the most of their campaigns on OTT platforms, it also inspires advertisers to go beyond vanilla advertising by collaborating with the Disney+ Hotstar’s CreativeWorks team to create bespoke, contextual, impactful campaigns. It also shares insights to make the most of the Connected TVs (CTV) feed as a medium to connect with their desired audiences.

Ajit Varghese, Head of Network - Ad Sales, Disney Star, said, “The changing media-scape of advertising has made it imperative for brands to embrace OTT platforms. Disney+ Hotstar has continuously led the way in the ever-evolving OTT industry, constantly innovating to provide exceptional experiences for both consumers and advertisers. We are delighted to present the Winning in The OTT Era with Disney+ Hotstar playbook, that shares the recipe for success to enable advertisers harness the full potential of our platform thus maximising impact for their campaigns. Created in collaboration with leading industry experts, the handbook offers invaluable guidance for effective media planning and brand building, enabling our advertisers to make data-driven decisions and significantly enhance advertising ROI.”

“Additionally, the handbook lays down the best practices that can be deployed by brands to maximise their ROIs when advertising on Disney+ Hotstar: Campaigns with 3+ video ads were most successful in driving brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent, Campaigns with 20+ second video ads delivered the highest success, Midroll campaigns supplemented with other creative formats delivered 30% more success in driving brand message and purchase, Operating at a frequency of 6+ increases purchase intent by 70% and brand awareness by 50% and Longer campaigns (>6 weeks) yield higher success on upper and lower funnel metrics,” said the company statement.

“Campaigns following these practices on Disney+ Hotstar recorded a 10% higher success rate vs. industry benchmarks defined by Kantar across digital campaigns. The study also highlights how Impact advertising on the platform has delivered 100% success across the funnel for sponsors and inventory buyers and outperformed industry benchmarks. The case studies recorded reveal the following: Sponsors of Koffee With Karan Season 7 achieved 3X Uplift through in-show integration and branded vignettes, 4X brand awareness, 2.8X Online ad awareness, 3.3X message association, 2.8X brand favorability and 2.6X purchase intent, Sponsors of Dance+ Season 6 achieved 2X Organic value through impact advertising on the show making it one of the most successful campaigns across the industry and Tanishq co-creating and hosting reality series with Disney+ Hotstar CreativeWorks, The Great Indian Bride, saw the brand creatively reach out to modern brides of India and, in the process, achieve 5X purchase intent and 2.3X brand awareness uplift,” the statement further added.


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