Interview: Vinay Kumar, Founder CEO, StratosHear

The new-age technology and mobile media company StratosHear is growing rapidly and setting its benchmarks in global market. Nirbhay Taneja of spoke to Vinay Kumar, Founding CEO, StratosHear on Mobile marketing in India. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Q) Lets start with the innovations in mobile marketing. What are the innovative solutions you have provided to your clients so far?
StratosHear has launched a very innovative solution for advertising using mobile phones by delivering rich Radio style ads when calling party waits for the called party to answer the phone. We have been a pioneer in this field and have commercially launched the service across India. Voice advertising through mobile cuts across regional and literacy barriers and reaches to masses. Both national and regional brands are attracted to this medium due to its reach and richness.

Q) How have been their response and success rates?
Our advertiser partners have been very happy with the results they have seen through this medium. This medium allows them to reach out to consumers across India from Metros to Tier I to Tier II and even Tier III cities, unlike any other medium.

Q) Most of the CRBTs are low quality sound bites. Is there any technology improvement to get better retention at consumer end?
StratosHear creative team works with advertisers to ensure that the media files are made such that a very good audible quality is created for the technology medium used to deliver advertisement through ring back tone. There are a lot of factors we consider in making a powerful creative including sound bites and sound quality.

Q) Will there be any benefit that will be passed to consumer and the caller profiled on the basis of the owner of the connection?
Consumers do get benefit from Telcos for opting-in to the service. We have a very advanced profiling engine that profiles callers on the basis of several parameters to deliver relevant ads.

Q) How effective is mobile search platform?
Mobile search platform is emerging as a mobile marketing opportunity as an increasing number of people use their mobiles to search for information online. Advertising can be directly aimed at whatever people are searching for when they opt to receive more information.

Q) With the increase of mobile penetration in India, where do you see mobile advertising in India in coming future?
We see a huge scope for mobile advertising in India. Mobile is a very versatile device and it provides ample opportunities for delivering relevant messages to consumers in a sophisticated manner through voice, video, display and text ads. Location enabled ads will also provide a fillip to mobile advertising in the near future. Increasingly, we see brands asking specifically for innovative ways to reach their consumers using mobile. We are very bullish on mobile advertising in India!

Q) Cost per reach is quite low in mobile medium. Is this the basis of rapid expansion of mobile marketing base?
The rapid expansion of mobile marketing will be due to its reach, relevance and targeting.

Q) How important is mobile advertising for the advertisers in today’s age?
The ubiquitous mobile phone has become an integral part of our daily lives; companies across the board have recognized this trend and have taken to mobile advertising in a big way. The mobile phone is rapidly growing in importance for advertisers as both a delivery and a response vehicle. With ROI from traditional advertising media declining and consumers becoming less and less motivated by it, the mobile phone offers the opportunity for brands to re-engage with consumers through a more personal and more immediate medium.

Q) Are advertisers missing their Target Group if they are not advertising on mobile?
Depends on what they offer. But certainly, if an advertiser is not considering mobile as part of their media plan, they are missing upon tremendous opportunity which includes cost-effectiveness, convenience, immediacy, engagement and ability to reach large numbers of consumers.

Q) What kind of advertising is going to fetch you maximum revenue?
Brand advertising.

Q) Who all feature in your client list?
To name a few brands, they are Nokia, Coke, Hero Honda, KLM, Nirulas, Star Plus and so on.

Q) What is your vision for StratosHear?
To be a global market and thought leader in mobile media/ technology space by creating innovative product & services for the telecom & media value chain.


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